Book club is coming, but then, so is Christmas!!

"There was true amusement in the Queen's voice as she spoke. "Cut me and I weep tears as red as my flesh, yet my heart is made of stone. Pray tell, mortal girl, what am I?"
You are yourself. Kaye bit her lip to keep back the hysterical laughter threatening to bubble up her throat again. Okay - red skin, stone center - what matched that description? She thought she dimly remembered an old story about having someone turned to stone and then restored by tears, but she wasn't sure where that memory came from. No, riddles usually had simple, commonsense, one-word answers. They always seemed obvious once you knew the answer.
Flesh. Maybe some kind of fruit? And the stone could be a pit? Oh - a cherry. Was that supposed to be funny?

Don't forget Book Club is happening on the 27th December, see you all then!!

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Ashley said...

I want to join the book club!