One more sleep!

Tomorrow is the big day! 
At 1.10pm I'll become Mrs Schreiner!
Fingers crossed for sunshine.


georgia~gigi said...

YAY! So excited and very happy for you!
Get a good night of sleep! You must share pics asap!
Lots of Love!
gi gi

Poppy said...

I bet you're about to burst with the excitement! Good luck and congratulations too! I'll be thinking of you tomorrow at 1! =]

Kellie Collis said...

All the best wishes to you both! Now, get a good night's sleep. Kellie xx

BuBbles said...

How exciting!!! Your big day will go by so quickly so if you can, stop and step to the side for a couple of minutes and just soak it all in.

Big congratulations!


JoJo said...

Ahhhhhh congrats so exciting!!