Purple Parcel of Perfection!

A month ago I signed up to participate in the Colour Me Happy Swap over at Nicole's Adventures in Love and Happiness, it is a great initiative where everyone who signs up get given a buddy to send a gift to. The catch being that you have to send the parcel in your buddy's favourite colour. My buddy was Poppy from Bears and Bunting and my parcel just arrived today! YAY!!!
This is my dog doing his best 'Custom-Dog' impersonation!
My favourite colour is purple!! And I loved the personalised note that come with the parcel 'Open me after you've opened the presents'!!! I was tempted to open it before hand! LOL!
The first item I discovered was this absolutely gorgeous Art-Deco inspired clutch!! LOVE!! I don't know if Poppy realised but we don't actually have Primark here... so YAY something foreign! But imagine my suprise when I open the clutch and......
All of these goodies fall out!! A mass Christmas-like slaughtering of the wrapping paper erupted, followed by several intense minutes of Ooohhss and Aaahhss (my fiance was napping on the lounge whilst I did this so I hate to imagine how that could have affected his dreamland.. LOL!)
GLOW IN THE DARK!! Nail Polish!
Two gorgeous rings!
I've never tried these lollies but Poppy has advised me they are her favourites.. so I will have to let you know what I think!
Poppy made this herself, it is a brooch and isn't it ADORABLE!!! OMG!!
Knickers! (I don't know how she knew that it has been raining for a week and I'm behind on washing! hahahaha!!)
A head scarf! Very cute I'm wearing it now!
And finally this absolutely adorable purple flower (the photo doesn't show how intricate it is) I have been looking for something purple to add to my wedding-day-garter and this is going to do the trick beautifully!!

So there you have it, my Purple Parcel of Perfection! I have to say Poppy has done an absolutely fabulous job on this! It has been so much fun both shopping for the present and now receiving it! I'm looking forward to the excitement now that will come with penpals and I look forward to having Poppy as a friend in the future too!! 

When Poppy told her Uncle about her participation in this swap and that she has penpals he commented...'if we are ever going to have world peace, it will start with us and these kind of actions.' So Poppy PEACE OUT!! and YOU ROCK!!! 


The Zhush said...

Wow! Poppy sure does rock! That was one amazing gift!

Anonymous said...

That is so cool! I love the clutch and all the goodies, it must have brightened your day! xo

Poppy said...

Aww yay I'm so glad you liked it all! I was like...is sending knickers to someone I don't know, weird? Haha.
I was starting to think it would never get to you so I'm so glad it all made it over there in one piece! ^_^

JoJo said...

I love purple! It's my favorite color!

Sabrina said...

Wow, this is sooo cute! And such a nice idea, too. (My favourite colour is green - just in case someone wants to send something... hahaha). No, seriously, this is a really neat idea!

Signe said...

This is like the best idea ever!
Also saw the parcel you sent Poppy and you both got some nice stuff I must say :)