Book Club -Hush, Hush-

By Becca Fitzpatrick

"When Coach asked for my list of desired charactersitics in a mate, I gave him you."
"Take that back"
"Intelligent. Attractive. Vulnerable. You disagree?"
He was doing this for the sole purpose of antagonizing me, and that only flustered me more. "Will you ask Coach to change out seats or not?"
"Pass. You've grown on me."

Soo.... what do you think? 'Hush, Hush' is a fabulous love story, where a girl falls in love with the stereotypical bad boy! I completely believe that anyone who reads it will fall in love with it and be gaping for more, luckily we don't have too much longer now to wait for the sequel to come out. 

Book Club is on the 27th of every month if your interested we create a linky-list so you can post about your opinions of the book. Even if you have previously posted a review on the book feel free to link it up this Friday!

Look forward to seeing you all then!


Kellie Collis said...

Perhaps I must get my hands on a copy! Hope you are having a perfect weekend! Kellie xx

shari @ little blue deer said...

Loving your book recs, Hazel! XX!

Poppy said...

I need more reading material for going on my holidays so I may have to check it out! =]
Also, I've just started a new project called The World View project and it'd mean so much to me if you could check it out? Thanks if you do! ^_^

georgia~gigi said...

Hazel Love, you leave me this sweetest comments :) You just make me smile :)
I love that you are getting married on 10 10 10
Jeremy and I talked about that date along time ago, but sadly I don't think I will ever marry again, not for me!
I do hope you will post pics!
Hope you had a wonderful weekend!
Much love and big smoochies
gi gi

Kristin said...

I must stop reading book reviews. My list is getting to be daunting. HA!