Shiver Giveaway Winner & Proposed questions about the book

First ever Hazel Loves Design giveaway is... Jen from Made by Girl
The Random Number Generator was used to calculate the winner
If you haven't already check out Jen's blog... it is an iconic site in the blogging world
Book Club will be held on July 27th, and anyone who is interested can post comments on the blog, and I will also create a linky list if you would like to link to a post of your own.

In the meantime here are some questions to ponder about the book;
What is unique about the setting of the book (Mercy Falls) and how did it enhance or takeaway from the story?

Do the characters seem real and believable?
Do you like Sam? How do you feel about Jack and later in the book Beck? 
What is your opinion on Grace, and her relationships in the book? With her parents? Her friends? Sam?
How do the characters change and evolve for you?

In what ways do the events in the books reveal evidence of the author's world view?

Did certain parts of this book make you feel emotional? If so, why did you feel that way? Did this lead to a new understanding or awareness of some aspect of your life you might not have thought about before?

Also taking recommendations for the next Book Club, I was thinking maybe 'Hush Hush' by Becca Fitzpatrick.... or maybe one of the classics like 'Pride & Prejudice' which would you believe.. I have never actually read before!! Let me know what you think and again CONGRATULATIONS to Jen


Heckety said...

I scrolled down to read about your book club- sounds like great fun! If I can find a copy of the book ( which sounds really good) I will certainly join in. An online Book Club sounds like a good idea- the only 'real' one I ever joined turned into a real drag as I didn't realise how precious and bombastic they'd get about their reading!!! Me, I read for amusement! and if someone else has read the same book its just a bonus!!

waterwaif said...

Sounds fun, Hazel! I will try to get my hands on a copy.
I'm your newest follower. I stopped by from the Monday Marketing.

Stop by my blog when you get a chance!

allisongsNYC said...

I love your idea of a blogging book club! I love reading and I especially love books like these. Thanks for visiting and let's stay in touch!! Happy blogging Hazel