Bargain Hunting at the Church Sale

This weekend, I had the whole weekend off! I normally work my Saturday at the furniture shop and then have Sunday & Monday off, so it was truly exciting to not work Saturday, so I decided to get up early and head out to check out the Garage Sales. So I left the house about 7.30am went out to grab the paper thinking that would be early enough! But it turns out most people start their sales at 6.30am!! So I'd missed out on most of the 'Early Bird Bargains'. However I did manage to go to a Church Sale where I found the following...
A gorgeous Hot Chocolate Mug, perfect for the winter months... and oh soo cute!
A set of five, Seafood Cocktail glasses, they came in their original box with little shrimp forks! Adorable, but I think I will use them for desserts at our next Dinner Party, I'm thinking mousse and strawberries or homemade gelato... mmm not very winter-like, but yummy!!
I am going to use this 'dish' for an antipasto platter, olives, sundried tomato, grilled eggplant... mmm yummy! I think/hope it will look stunning!

So the above three items came to $4.00!! I also purchased a bag of clothes for $5.00 and amongst them was a Versace Tshirt and a dress from an Indie Designer I love! Oh and an older version of scrabble, which I am going to turn into an artwork (I'm getting all excited now). The boardgame was only $1.00 and it is all in one piece!! So a very successful outing, just imagine what would have happened if I had of been up earlier. 

I also bought these from another second hand store, they were $6.50 so a little more expensive, I mostly bought them for the cake server, but they are kind of cute don't you think!! Although the photo isn't the greatest you can't see all of the detailing on the flat sections! 
Did anyone else find any bargains on the weekend???


Anonymous said...

Love the antipasto idea! I can just picture the olives & breadsticks! Glad you had fun, sweetie! xo

Kim said...

Oh, great finds! I've never seen anything like that "antipasto dish." That is such a great idea. I love a good yard sale. I need to get out there again. It's been a few weeks. :)

I'm so glad you stopped by my blog. I'm loving yours and will be following along.

Poppies and Sunshine said...

Great finds! I especially love the mug! Cute!

Cornflake said...

Great buys Hazel! I'm especially loving your antipasto dish, so unusual and stylish. That will look great when you fill it with yummy goodies!! Love your silverware too!!

Amazing how little your can pay for things with a bit of hunting, hey! :-)

Anonymous said...

Really unusual shapes. Nice prices too. You did good! Sales here rarely start before 8am but we also generally don't have to beat any heat.