I'm feeling laaazzzyy!

Lazy Bones! I'm feeling a little lazy today, uninspired, quite tired... I just want to curl up in a ball and go to sleep. I think it is because all of my friends seem to be overseas at the moment be that Europe, Asia or even just across the ditch in New Zealand, and I want to go out and see the big bad world also! 
Because of the wedding my financials are quite limited at the moment, so perhaps I shall just have to try and do something different today instead? I could... Take a different route to work? Enrol in a yoga class? (I have been meaning to for some time now). Try a new cuisine or dish for dinner? Try a new sport? (Mmm maybe I'll just stick to yoga, I am feeling lazy). Volunteer for a team project or fundraising committe? (That could be fun, I haven't done any volunteer work in quite some time!) Visit an area of town that I've never explored? (Has potential) Read a book by a new author? Send someone flowers? (I might buy MYSELF some flowers, not really in the mood for sharing today!) Rearrange my living room?... Rearrange my living room? Mmmm... that sounds like FUN!!

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