Honeymoon Planning

My wedding dress arrived today, so it has gotten me all excited about the wedding again and the wedding plans. The one thing we haven't 100% decided on is the honeymoon. Because my passport got stolen a few months ago I am hesitant to get it renewed in my maiden name only to be stuck with it for the next ten years, so we are thinking of going somewhere within Australia, then a few months after the wedding we will take it further afield to somewhere international. 
So to add to that I've been a browsing on a couple of websites looking for cool accessories to take with me on the holiday, and this is what I have found....www.ciaobellatravel.com.au
Totally awesome website dedicated to many a beautiful travel accessories, such as...
Fantastic travel clock..
Coolest Passport holder ever (and at a really affordable price too!
And then there is this, a travel document holder...
Honestly I think I've fallen in luurrvvee!

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