Clutter, Clutter Everywhere...

I am a chronic organiser, everything in my home has a place most of which is hidden from visiting eyes! My habit drives my fiance bonkers! He is often telling me not to put his stuff away, but what he doesn't realise is if I don't put away we would have visual mess everywhere! 

So I have some tips for you if you need help decluttering your home:

  • Chuck it out -If you can get it again, get rid of it.
  • Archive Regularly -If you have to keep it but it is not relevant to this month or year, then it's archival and you need to get it out of your face. You shouldn't need more than two good-quality, sealable cardboard boxes, which you can keep on top of a cupboard or in the shed.
  • Think about what you bring into your space -Open mail over the paper recycling bin. Make a decision then and there about what you need and don't let it hang around.
  • Keep your wardrobe orderly -That way, you'll get regular use of everything you own. If things are hidden, you forget about them.
  • Look after your clothes and accessories -Keep shoes in boxes so they don't get ratty. Things wear out more quickly if you don't treat them well.
  • Figure out a practical system -Keep your evening tops together, your business tops together, your jackets together... it makes mixing and matching easier.
  • Cull at the beginning of every season -Donate to charity the things you don't wear. Replace staples -such as a white singlet- before they start to yellow and look shabby.
Thank you to 'Real Living' Magazine for the advice!

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